Pinot Noirs are typically destemmed, but not crushed; fermented in simple open-top fermenters; and manually punched down. They are barreled very shortly after pressing and allowed to rest on their lees (sediment) for the entire typical 20-23 months in barrel before bottling. This ‘reductive’ style of winemaking calls for longer time in the barrel for full development and while having two or even three vintages ‘on the floor’ at once causes cooperage congestion, it’s worth it.

As yet, none of the reds have been filtered, as this removes desirable colloidal material, essential for the kind of development we desire allowing the wine to achieve its highest long-term potential.  We may not state this on the bottle, but it is our commitment nonetheless.

Black Lightnin’

Helfer Vineyard

Hirsch Vineyard

Hirsch Vineyard – Diaphanous