Ask a Winemaker

Ask A Winemaker began humbly enough in the living room of Damien Casten of Candid Wines our Illinois Distributor. Damien’s thirst for knowledge around winemaking is a driving force, his curiosity lending itself to countless questions and hands on experience as he came out to the winery during the harvest of 2006 and went to work for us. In order to retain those discussions, he started to record them with his handycam. It grew from there and is a wonderful resource for winemakers and wine lovers to learn from each other. What is Ask a Winemaker to hear more.

The video’s are Damien and Sean’s, the music is Fred’s:  “created, recorded and donated so as to avoid royalty issues that can occur with professional musicians and the corporations/attorneys that are supported by their creative work” according to Fred.