Pinot Noir
'High Slopes', 2019

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One of the wonderful things about Sonoma County, CA is the geological and climatic diversity. This wine originates at an area where the Russian River Valley has an unusually high coastal influence. It posses generosity, concentration and solid, energetic structural integrity. As a result, it should age and develop gracefully for decades. 




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Winemaker's Notes

 This is from a site at the furthest southern edge of the Russian River Valley AVA where the coastal influence is strongest. It causes a challenge to the vines in the Spring while they are trying to bloom due to cold temperatures that inhibit full pollination giving smaller berries and very low yields. This foggy, wind-swept location is on the leeward side of the hillside so it is protected just enough to actually succeed ripening on a reliable basis. Due to the small berry size, the concentration of the red wine is significant in most vintages. This vintage presents more of a coastal vibe with bright acidity and crisp edges rather than relying upon sheer concentration of skin material.

There’s also a saline undercurrent that runs through this wine from start to finish, again more of it’s nearby coastal location, even though it is in the edge of the Russian River Valley AVA. Hibiscus and blood orange aromas take the lead. Some cranberry and spicy nuances like allspice make one salivate with anticipation of the lively verve this wine has. Bing cherry emerges after the bottle is open for a day. While appearing a bit more svelte and wiry than usual, it is built for the long-haul (in my opinion, although Mr. Galloni thinks more of a near-term proposition. I just recall the 1999 Little Sister Russian River Pinot Noir vs. the 1999 Big Brother aging curves and see a similar life to this expression). I feel this should be laid down a couple of years before really getting into them in a serious way.








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