Pinot Noir
Hallberg Vineyard, 2014

$ 75.00

We would never be able to forgive ourselves if we didn’t set aside some Pinot Noir from this one single vineyard block and bottle it separately. Both complex and ‘sneaky,’ it possesses our favorite qualities of this variety and region. While seductive in the short term, it should age magnificently due to its balance and gently taut, structural core.

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Winemaker's Notes

This type of Pinot Noir really pushes all my happy buttons: Perfumes, complexity and mouth-watering acidity. With a lower tannin wine, acidity is necessary to hold up the structural side of the angles and rounds balance equation. In our area of the Russian River, the Dijon clones of Pinot Noir were planted heavily around the turn of this past century. They were actually selected for specific parts of Burgundy, yet we have a different climate. Yes, they do very well in certain local sites and I work with some. However, I think this particular proprietary clone of Pinot Noir is perfect for where it is. It is a magical convergence that should be repeated.

As the other 2014 wines, being a drought winter vintage there were smaller berries than normal and with the lower crop and warmer season they ripened deeply. Due to the proprietary clone, it still exhibits very bright acidity and telltale perfume along with the vintage signature of some darker fruit mixed in. Very energetic, relying much more acidity than tannin for its angles. Like a stained-glass window, its structure is integrated within the design so what is most visible are the parts where the energy flows thru. Rose hips, with hints of jasmine and orange peel color the aromas. Good texture with a definite lively tart finish. I think it is a serious wine that is drinking well now and will certainly age and develop more interesting nuances for many years.






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