Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley, 2020

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While grown primarily in the sandy Goldridge soil, which tends to produce Pinot Noir with flavors of red fruits and orange peel, this wine also illustrates some of the deep, brooding black cherry character generally found in the region’s clay soils. It was bottled without fining or filtration, and should age gracefully for a handful of years.



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Winemaker's Notes

Without any fires in the area, I think 2020 would have been considered one of the best vintages of the decade. The wines picked before the fires started in late August 2020 in our area are stunningly brilliant. Nobody can second guess those wines as they were in the barn before any possible harm could come. There were plenty of sites not affected despite being on the vine after the fires started because the reactive smoke was either too high or heading in the opposite direction from where the site was. Duh! There were yet other places we work with that were challenged and the growers and I agreed to leave on the vine as the exposure appeared to be significant. I used common sense as much as possible along with recalling my experience with a site that was heavily affected by smoke in 2008 that turned out to be very attractive with a rather different approach (2008 Black Lightnin’). We have had people ask for a repeat for many years since. And, no, this is not a repeat of that wine, thank you very much. This wine is so typical of the area in most vintages.

Ginger, red beets, red and black cherry, tarragon, and a touch of damp loam on the nose. Juicy roasted beets and cherry pie on the mouth. Very nice continuity, focus and length with a quite mouth-watering finish. I’ve endeavored to maintain clarity and focus of this wine during blending trials and have learned a lot in the process





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