Dry Rosé
Dry Rosé, 2014

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During the busy harvest season, we often think about how nice it is to relax and enjoy a bottle of dry Rosé. This one was made by directly pressing red grapes harvested at appropriate maturity for the product. We like to think of it as the blood of our grapes, the sweat of our brow, and tears of joy.

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Our rosés since 2011 also reflect the exploration of Grenache’s contribution to the pink side of things. The Syrah and Grenache find a balance of angles/rounds (acidity/body) without significant skin/seed intrusion into the angular side of the equation. In 2014 the Syrah is slightly dominant by percentage but not by expression. The Syrah base enjoys the laser-beam focus and special perfume that the Grenache brings. Compared to the red Grenache wine also offered, it’s like dance partners that switched leads and flow into another successful dance. As last year, this is bone-dry and structured in a way to allow it to float effortlessly over bitter, salty, fatty foods with equal facility; this is still my stranded-on-a-desert-island wine. It has some gentle, floral aromas, guava, dead-ripe warm strawberry and it rolls thru the palate like an adult-styled lemon [or guava] drop without the sugar or additives. It makes the next bite of food as fresh as the first one.





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  1. Judi Scherrer

    California GrapevineApril 2015

    Pinkish salmon color; fragrant, floral, red cherry and strawberry fruit aroma with a touch of stone fruit; medium body; crisp, bright, red fruit flavors with a note of citrus; lingering aftertaste. Highly recommended. 89 points. Nick Ponomareff

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