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Slow Wine for Slow Food

This time of year, it seems that many small wineries offer their ‘lesser’ wines, holding back their more exciting small lots for later in the year. Characteristically out of sync, last fall I decided to hold some of our smaller, interesting reserve lots from 2001 even longer and release them at this time. We tend to handle our wines sparingly, aging them a little longer in barrel than most producers. We also find a real reward with some additional time in bottle. So, while our bottling and release schedule may be inconsistent with many other wineries, we find this consistent with what our wines want. Some of life’s pleasures, including food and wine, are best undertaken and enjoyed at a slow pace…don’t you think?

The exception: The Zinfandels have always been released in April, yet as our winemaking evolves, we scarcely have time to bottle and label the wine by April. So, while this is inconsistent with “the wines’ schedules” and allows little time for bottle development, we still release futures purchases and offer the newly-bottled Zins for sale to our mailing list in the spring. We understand you are cellaring these new Zinfandels yourself and you are also the most qualified to decide when the wine is ready according to your own taste. We wait to release most wines to restaurants and wine shops after additional bottle age because most are not able to do this themselves. That is why you will often see some offered here first.

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