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Forgotten Treasures

The fall is always a double edged sword in the wine industry. The change of the season is beautiful and, of course, it also means the grapes are ready and the winery is on call. This is it: time to make sure that all the growers’ hard work invested in the vineyards these last many months is reflected in the new wine. The hard part of this intense focus is that there isn’t really a chance to take the time to slow down and enjoy the change of seasons with friends and family. As the kids and I see harvest beginning to slow (Daddy actually came home for dinner this week!), I begin to think that perhaps we might still have an opportunity to celebrate the season. So, while Fred is still busy tending to all those fermenters and making wine, I’m organizing a special library open house in the fall. What? A third event this year at Scherrer Winery? Yes, it’s true!

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