Grenache and Blends
Huntsman, 2019

$ 44.00

This wine is a synthesis of sites where wildlife and viticulture meet at the edge of civilization. From both the far eastern and western edges of Sonoma County, the wine speaks of more of this general wildness than of a specific variety or site. It should pair well with the types of foods found in the area as well: game, flavorful mushrooms and the like.

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Winemaker's Notes

2011 was our first vintage of this Rhône-inspired blend. It has been a creatively rewarding exploration of the long-established synergy between Grenache and Syrah. This 2019 Vintage was aged 4 years in mostly larger format barrel (1 ½ to 2x the normal size) and as (almost) always, no new oak was used. I tried some once and felt it was not bringing anything more than it took away, so there was no point in spending the money on new barrels.

As usual, satisfying earth and darker tones from the Syrah are balanced by the lift and lightness, higher perfumes brought to the table by Grenache. I co-ferment most of this and they harmonize quite well this way. All winemaking choices such as time on skins, degree of pressing follow what the combination needs, so it’s not surprising how harmonious the co-ferments show. Since I have some separate parcels of each variety on hand, I have the option of nudging the blend if and when needed similar to putting the rose blend together.

Aromas of brand-new leather roasted red beets, a trace of sandalwood, and what my dear old friend Don Bliss used to call ‘mother earth’ referring to fine Barolo. The mouth carries a lot of savory notes with that ‘mother earth’ thing with a finish that does not appear to end. It sits comfortably in the middle of the mouth like a large house cat on one’s lap on a cold night. The wine doesn’t really purr. But you might.





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