Grenache and Blends
Huntsman, 2018

$ 42.00

This wine is a synthesis of sites where wildlife and viticulture meet at the edge of civilization. From both the far eastern and western edges of Sonoma County, the wine speaks of more of this general wildness than of a specific variety or site. It should pair well with the types of foods found in the area as well: game, flavorful mushrooms and the like.

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Winemaker's Notes

Looking at how varieties change as one travels from Burgundy southward through the Rhone Valley, just as Pinot Noir is no longer in its sweet spot as the climate warms further South, I think that where it gets on the warm side for Syrah to be perfect all alone, other varieties that like/need a bit more heat begin to find a home in the regional mix. Huntsman celebrates the collaboration of Syrah and Grenache, similar to how they support each other in the Southern Rhone. I think they find themselves quite at home here in Sonoma County where one can find wildly varied temperatures and soils across a very short distance.

There are savory/fruity aromas like maraschino cherry with a hint of mint julep in a cup of hibiscus tea. The Grenache brings a beautiful life to the aromas, further reinforcing the natural perfumes of the Syrah. Medium-bodied, the flavors by mouth roll from the thyme/mint type aromatics to a sesame and hibiscus finish.





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