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First time for Everything…

When I started this project 20 years ago, the mission was to make wine that recognized the hard work that goes into growing grapes and give credit where due – to the farmer and vineyard. I ultimately wanted to be able to support myself and family and, with your support, I’ve been able to do that. While I don’t primarily bottle single-vineyard wines, I do try to give the growers credit for and compensate them for better quality fruit, especially when it means lower yields and harder work. My job is to make the best wine I can from that fruit in any given vintage, no matter how much work it takes.

This was truly put to the test in 2010 with a growing season of extremes. According to my dad – who has seen late, wet springs, cool summers, percussive heat spells, and rain at harvest – this is the first time in his 84 years that he can remember seeing them all in the same year. It was the Zinfandel in our region that was most affected and offered the biggest challenge the family has seen yet. Collectively, we did everything in our power to assure the quality of the vintage from vine to barrel.

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