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Down to the Wire

As excited as I am about the new wines we are just bottling, I find it nearly impossible this year to get a newsletter out well ahead of our open house. I struggle as I really want to see the 2009 Zinfandels finally combined and bottled before describing them and what to expect from them. So to the frustration of everyone around me, I wait until the absolute last minute to write this. Then, on top of this, we get a year when bottles, labels and corks all seem to take longer than normal to finalize and get into the winery, we find ourselves in a sprint to the finish.

It seems like our lot this last year: We did our share of sprinting and marathon running last harvest when the amount of hand work needed to optimize our heat-challenged Zinfandel grapes was much greater than normal. It was only natural to rise to the level of work my dad and sister put in to bring us the best grapes possible given the untimely heat. More on that in the next newsletter…

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