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The Value of Time & Timing

Tractorload of harvested grapes

Time:  We are all born with an unknown amount of “time-wealth” that we trade for other forms of wealth.  It’s strange to consider making “purchases” with an asset that one has little idea of how much they actually have to spend.  One can only hope that there is more!  Timing:  This is where the true value of the time spent and the amount of time left to spend can be assessed.  Leaving a building, just before the earthquake levels it, is of greater value than planning to leave it an hour later!  In this case, the timing determines the amount of time left to spend.  Similarly, timing of harvesting determines the outcome of the wine, especially when conditions become extreme.

We’ve all been facing significant challenges of late (due to weather, viruses and disruption of infrastructure that we used to take for granted).  Of course, what it takes to overcome or at least to adapt to these various challenges is probably on most of our minds.  As I am just coming off the new vintage harvest marathon, I’m reflecting that due to extreme weather over a short period near harvest, both the 2022 and 2004 vintages had that same theme where time and timing were critical to a successful outcome. And as we’ve been bottling and releasing finished wines from 2020 this year, I’m also seeing where both heat and fire/smoke/time-of-exposure to reactive volatiles were assessed and imaginable issues avoided. I truly appreciate the value of the time I’ve invested in selecting a path through each of these events, much of which was contrary to ‘conventional wisdom’ at the time.  We have all learned a great deal recently.

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