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Scherrer Spring Release Notice

As you probably already know, I have made wine at Dehlinger Winery by day for the past 9 1/2 years, and produced my own wine in my spare time. At the end of January, I left Dehlinger to focus on my own wines, my family’s vineyard and my family. I initiated this change during the previous midsummer giving Dehlinger time to transfer winemaking responsibilities during the 1997 vintage. I, in turn, was free to focus more on the Scherrer winery, to double the product of Zinfandel, and to explore the personality of my family’s Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a rare treat to leave an employer with a win-win situation. I am grateful for the opportunities and experience I gained at Dehlinger, and I wish them well.

Since it is now a separate winery, we have changed the mane of our business from “F. Scherrer Wines” to “Scherrer Winery”. We have rented a 3000 square foot room in a building shared with a wholesale herb company and a natural cosmetic company. It might have been naturals to call the winery “Herb’s Winery” but there are no “Herbs” in the family (though there have been a lot of Freds!). So “Scherrer Winery” it is. The business office, telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

The vineyard also remains the same. In the future, I’ll devote more of my time there, so my father looks froward to freedom from day to day vineyard work (we will see how really “free” he allows himself to become). My sister, Louise, and I look forward to developing complimentary roles int he vineyard’s futures. My wife, Judi, looks forward to having a full-time husband on evenings and weekends again. My daughter, Rachel, looks forward to a father that sin’t too busy working to play. You can look forward to better availability and more variety of our wines. Even the stock market can look forward to…

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