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Release Notice

Your 1995 Zinfandel was bottled on February 18, and is just barely getting used to living in glass instead of wood. This wine has developed similarly to the forward and generous 1993 vintage. I have been very pleased with how the oak lengthens and draws out the finish of the wine, rather than shortening and toughening it. Although it tasted darned nice right now, it will be more ’together’ in several months.

Annual “bottle-sickness” caution: Often, after a wine has been in bottle for about 6 to 10 weeks, the aroma just seems a bit “dull” or “dumb” and the palate a bit disjointed. Rather than try to give a scientific explanation for what is happening (I can’t), I find it much more practical to suggest that we all put the bottles in a nice, cool, dark place for at least a month after their arrival at home. If you can’t stand delayed gratification, go ahead & pull a cork, understand that the wine will be singing forte rather than a delicious piano (the adverb, not the instrument) a couple of months from now. We will enjoy the wine’s crescendo in concert (pun intended).

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