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Release Notice

After many restless nights thinking about a name for our label, we finally have one. As my family’s name, Scherrer, has been pronounced in the most creative ways, I was originally reluctant to use it on the label, fearing that people would not purchase something they had difficulty pronouncing. Many futures customers convinced me that my reluctance was unnecessary. Scherrer is pronounced like ‘share-er’ or ‘shear-er’, depending on the continent you come from. Either way is OK.

Judi & I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our wine. We sold more wine than we had anticipated on our futures offering and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support and trust in us. It is difficult for a young couple to put together enough capital to do something worthwhile without the help of others. Between our parents, employers, coworkers, and customers, we have started to pursue one of my longtime dreams. We are quite lucky to have you. Thank you.

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