Pinot Noir
Futures, Russian River Valley, 2020

$ 360.00

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Futures are being offered through December. This is an opportunity to pre-order a case at a discount before the wine is bottled and released November of next year. This model helped us finance the winery in the early days creating much needed cash flow. We’ve continued the tradition as a thank you to all of our direct customers that continue to make it possible to do what we love.

Futures offering expires December 31



Winemaker's Notes

With the 2018 vintage, we began offering futures of our main Pinot Noir, the Russian River Valley bottling. While it is not from a single site, it is our primary Pinot Noir focus and punches well above its weight class, as always.

While the 2020 Vintage on the West Coast had its challenges, primarily smoke exposure in certain sites, I am finding that the few, very carefully selected lots used for this bottling are not exhibiting issues from this and I’m quite confident to offer it on futures, just as I did with the 2020 Zinfandels.

Ginger, red beets, red and black cherry, tarragon, and a touch of damp loam on the nose. Juicy roasted beets and cherry pie on the mouth. Very nice continuity, focus and length with a quite mouth-watering finish. I’ve endeavored to maintain clarity and focus of this wine during blending trials and have learned a lot in the process.

We had already cut back on overall sources ahead of the vintage anticipating more of my time needed at the family vineyard. Then further winnowing and carving occurred due to fit and finish of the parts. So only about 250 cases to be produced (we have normally produced 4 times this quantity).






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