Grenache and Blends
6 - pack, Huntsman, Kick Ranch Vineyard, 2015, 2016, 2017, Mini-Vertical

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Having been a Northern and especially Southern Rhône fan since the mid 1980’s, I had a sense of what Syrah, Grenache and complimentary varieties had to offer each other in the context of vintage variation. I short: They heal each others’ wounds if they have any and support each others’ victories when they have them. [I cannot imagine a Greek bromance written that eclipses this varietal relationship.] Huntsman is a blend of the two where neither is dominant. Grenache, however, can be a great solo artist as well as a supportive partner in a duet. Here is the opportunity to experience that through one house’s eyes.

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Winemaker's Notes

Grenache and Huntsman: A decade before his death, my dad and I would have discussions about what the history of the Alexander Valley taught us, what we have learned over the years and what we needed to learn with the newer materials and viewpoints in play. We actually agreed that Grenache should do well on the family property. So, I began working with Grenache elsewhere in Sonoma County to get a feel for it.






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