Grenache and Blends
Kick Ranch Vineyard, 2015

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Kick Ranch, in the eastern edge of the Rincon Valley, is becoming known for its Grenache and Syrah wines as well as Petite Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. It is in one of the cooler places that this variety performs well in.

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Winemaker's Notes

Grenache became a part of our efforts in 2011 after my dad and I agreed that it should do well at the family property in Alexander Valley. It has been a real learning experience as it is a very different kind of vinifera variety than most of those we generally see. It seems to be a very cooperative variety regarding techniques of vinifying and blending with other varieties to stretch out each participants’ assets.

Like the 2013 Grenache with a bit more backbone, it has nice, sexy carbonic notes (from the whole berries that did not break open at destemming), fennel along with white pepper bring up the aromas. Inner mouth perfumes amid a pleasantly chewy texture that won’t end make this a pleasant and versatile wine for many types of food – pretty much anything a person would eat besides really tart foods like pickles or sweet things like ice cream.






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