Dry Rosé
Dry Rosé, 2019

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During the busy harvest season, we often think about how nice it is to relax and enjoy a bottle of dry Rosé. This one was made by directly pressing red grapes harvested at appropriate maturity for the product. We like to think of it as the blood of our grapes, the sweat of our brow, and tears of joy.

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Winemaker's Notes

2019 has yielded a more substantial rosé than the previous two vintages. Despite the fact that the usually more austere Grenache component is a larger proportion of the blend this year, it has a tad richer mouthfeel and a deeper color than the past several vintages. There is a rose petal-like perfume, freshly cut imperial plum and Royal Ann cherry. On the mouth it is delightfully well-endowed, yet with acidity tempered discretion that leads to a full circle of rose-petal and fresh cherry perfumes on the mouthwatering finish. While still absolutely satisfying as usual, it should be quite versatile with main course items like roast chicken, duck and mushroom dishes.





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