Dry Rosé
Dry Rosé of Syrah, 2019

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Syrah yields a nice, relatively rich dry rosé that goes well with fall-time and holiday meals. This wine should pair nicely with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and should drink well for a year or two after the vintage.

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I usually have an extra barrel or three of this above what is needed to perfect the usual spring blend of Grenache & Syrah. This year, there was only one ‘extra’ barrel, which I held through the summer and bottle later, just before harvest.

Roses and Santa Rosa plums on the nose. Good brightness due to a perfect thread of acidity that runs throughout the wine like a road map leading home. It is one of the most elegant versions of this we have made.

Since there is so little of this, we must limit each purchase to just 3 bottles per person for more people to have a chance to enjoy. Somehow, the varietal Rosé labels we had printed for this have disappeared over the summer. So just like the first time we did this, we are using the same label as the wine the spring release. Just understand that the black capsule always denotes our Syrah Rosé.





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