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Old Enough to Drink

This is our 21’st futures offering. People born during our first vintage are now old enough to drink wine. This realization makes me feel much older, but it also makes me ponder how differently people and wine age. While there are a few wines that age at a similar rate to people, for the most part wine moves much faster than people do. Of course, looking at my dad still running the tractor in his mid-80’s, would make just about any wine on this planet think twice about comparing its vitality and longevity to certain humans’ potentials.

We get a lot of requests for ‘birth-year’ wines from parents of young children so that they can enjoy it together on their 21st birthday. While our Zinfandels and certain Pinot Noirs may go there in magnum or double magnum, I think this role is best filled by our Cabernet Sauvignons in bottles 750 mL or larger. The Syrahs should have that vitality in most vintages, but in this realm Cabernet is truly king [reminder to self: bring this up for the November library offering]

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