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No Intelligent Life on Mars

Isn’t it amazing how things change with the passage of time? Not just how our own bodies and minds age, but it is interesting how certain things become more or less valuable, coming in or going out of style. Stock prices and interest rates fluctuate. There are constantly new “hot” automobiles, clothing, hairstyles, music, and wines. Four years ago, after finding that our grapes were no longer wanted at a particular large winery, I called every Zinfandel producing winery I could think of. No interest. So, we made our own wine. That was then. Now, there have been urgent telephone calls from more wineries than I have ever visited, all wanting to buy grapes. I have had calls (to our unlisted number) from wine distributors and retailers from all over the U.S., Canada, U.K., Switzerland, and Germany. Yes, even Utah. There must not be intelligent life on Mars. They haven’t called yet… or maybe they are Cab drinkers?

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