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Gimme a Break!

We all need a break sometime. Even grapevines need a break. They got one this year after an initial early and fast-paced onset of the 2007 vintage. This also allowed me an opportunity to write during harvest.

This harvest: In contrast to the last two vintages, 2007 started early. With ample warmth and low soil moisture, the vines marched thru their various stages with a light-footedness of a long distance runner. Depending upon the variety and location, bloom time weather caused most blocks to set a light crop of looser-than-normal clusters. Crops in affected areas are down by 30% to 50% from the past two years’ levels. In the best situations, there is a reduced but economically viable crop of extremely high quality fruit. So far, the very young or still fermenting wines are very encouraging. The early part of this vintage reminds me somewhat of 1994, where you had to try hard to make a poor wine. The later varieties that are still on the vine are dealing with the challenges of botrytis and decay. Folks who have not decided to harvest will have that
decision made for them before long.

This past year, we have made major changes to our label. And the votes are in: overwhelming approval. So while I’ve been focused on wine, Judi and Cogito Creative have continued to slowly roll out our new look. Work is underway to update our website in the near future. Our low tech newsletter got a much needed face lift with a look that mirrors the more elegant brand image. And just as the new label didn’t change what’s in the bottle, the format changes won’t change the content of the newsletter – it will just be more appealing to the eye.

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