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Beating the Odds

It is impossible to ignore the changes that have occurred with the world economy this past year. While personal impact may vary, the fact remains that our fate and well-being are more interconnected than many had thought. If prosperity isolates, perhaps adversity connects. The most common question I have been asked lately is how recent events are affecting us and our winery. In short, we are doing OK thanks to your loyal support as well as a few small wine distributors, retailers and restaurants. This is something I have not taken for granted.

I am often told that, for our peer group of wines, our pricing is quite modest. In the face of the constantly increasing cost of everything that goes into our wines, this is difficult to maintain. To do this, I have been working even longer hours myself, traveling to support loyal resellers, and remaining satisfied with earning just about enough to support the family and the growers who work hard to produce the best fruit they can. Without your support, small wineries like ours wouldn’t be hanging in there. Thank you for allowing us to beat the odds. I hope you are too.

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