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Any day now, any day now…

…wine shall be released. With all due respect to that Bob Dylan lyric, there seems to have been a singular focus on the 2007 vintage and when they will become available. While there is much to be excited about in 2007, I have great regard for how our 2006’s and 2008’s are developing and high expectations for 2009, even though much of it has not yet seen a barrel as of this writing. My job is to try to understand the nature of a given vintage, the site, varietal(s) grown there and allow the wine to express all of the above in the most pleasurable form I can. Some vintages are easy to work with. Others require more effort or tough choices on my part, on the growers’ part, and are usually the vintages I am most interested in talking about. So I’ll ‘force’ myself to talk about 2007.

There is much for us all to be excited about with this offering. Not only do we have some new wines, but some recent ones that are drinking spectacularly right now as well as some perfectly aged library selections. I always look forward to digging thru the library for those and will post notes about some of these on our website under ‘Fred’s blog’ [or whatever it is called – I’ve been to buried in grapes to visit the site] as I have the opportunity to taste them. It is also the time to revisit the magnum stash and make some of these available as well.

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