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Almost there! Hang tight.

As with any significant change, there are upsides and downsides. For us, as with you all, this past year of pandemic has caused us pain and uncertainty. The upside to that is we are healthy and have been able to weather that storm with the tremendous support we received from you, our direct customers.

To add to all of that this past year was my 93-year-old Father’s decline and death in November which has greatly impacted our family. One impact for me has been spending more of my time with my Mother and helping at the vineyard. While it could be considered a downside with all that I already have to do with the winery, it is most definitely an upside. Another silver lining to the pandemic is I’ve not had any business travel and I have had more time available which is making this much easier. I truly enjoy working in the vineyard. It has been very therapeutic to be outside helping with what is needed in the vineyard, which impacts the quality of vines and resulting wine that will remain in play for decades.

And now with the vaccine and promise of our lives returning more to what we recall as ‘normal,’ it may be difficult to restrain oneself. Like children on the morning of Easter goodies, it is natural to want to get out of bed before sunrise and greet the day. And yet as adults surviving the pandemic and all its collateral effects, we must remember to remain rational and follow a reasonable, charted course to a form of ‘normal’ existence. We all look forward to resuming tasting appointments and open houses at the winery when we can safely do so. And to answer a commonly asked question, my hope is that by November we might resume Open Houses similar to the past. Until then, we are doing everything we can to make it easy for you to enjoy what we are producing. From insane Nepenthe special sales to futures offerings on our major production wines, we are absolutely there for you. Thank you for being there for us.

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