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All in Good Time

As well we knew with the long cold spring and the generally cool summer (save a couple of hot weeks), harvest began for us in later September. While in most years Fred has begun to surface by this point, this year grapes are still coming in and the red fermentations are just reaching the right time for pressing. With his creativity (and wit!) focused on the winemaking at this point, I’ve only been able to glean a few newsletter tidbits from him regarding the new releases. I’m afraid the only insights on this vintage I can provide are those of this side-line observer. Fortunately, I have an inside line!

As with every harvest, there has been a bit more heat than anyone wants, a bit more rain than anyone wants, and some really beautiful fall weather with warm days and cool nights that everyone wants! And while it’s awfully hard to keep a steady course in the midst of the turmoil and fatigue that these last critical weeks of harvest bring, Fred’s vision of what the future holds for the grapes he’s working is so strong, it keeps him true to the course. The picking, the pressing, the racking, the bottling… it will happen when it needs to and not before, all in good time.

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