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Some kind of magic

Fred Scherrer in conversation leaning against tank cooling jacket

During the history of mankind, fermented beverages have occupied a very special place in the diet, folklore and imagination. The process of transitioning fresh fruit, grains, honey, etc. to a relatively stable form of calories thru fermentation appears magical. The euphoric effects of the consumption reinforce this notion.

I first became captivated by this as a teenager and was allowed to make small batches of wine and beer (under parental supervision, of course). Over four decades later, this magical transition still enthralls me, resulting in 100+ hour work weeks and spending many nights at the winery when the work load requires. Rather than simply being enamored with the change from fruit to wine, what I’m most focused on now is trying to understand the grape material as it ripens on the vine and have an image of what its best destiny is. Right now, I am buried in the throes of this magical process and very much enjoying it, despite the significant fatigue.

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