Pinot Noir
Futures, Russian River Valley, 2022

$ 414.00

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Futures are being offered through December. This is an opportunity to pre-order a case at a discount before the wine is bottled and released November of next year. This model helped us finance the winery in the early days creating much needed cash flow. We’ve continued the tradition as a thank you to all of our direct customers that continue to make it possible to do what we love.

Futures $414 per case, offer expires December 31











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Winemaker's Notes

Another drought-ish vintage with low crop level, this occupies a similar spot on the spectrum as the 2021 vintage. Maybe not quite as firmly structured at the same stage as 2021, but the concentration of fruit is remarkable for a wine that is not heavily-laden or ponderous. Just like our Zinfandels, all this fruit was harvested before the epic heat spell that followed Labor Day weekend that year. Therefore, it possesses all the best typical qualities of this area and bottling.

Red and black cherry aromas are surrounded by nuances of fresh loam and Christmas spices. It sits evenly across the palate while just-right acidity makes it all seem very juicy and exciting. Sipping it with food just makes me want to come back and have a second sip by itself because it’s not only a food wine, but it’s just plain delicious as you’ll see at the open house. I really need to give this a sexier name that does justice to its importance in our scheme of things.

Futures $414 per case (full cases only, $34.50/bottle). Estimated release price $56. Offer available until December 31, 2023 or until the futures allocation sells out. Futures Release date November 2024, general retail release date November 2025. About 300 cases to be produced.











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