Scherrer Vineyard, 2021

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This is a rich and complex expression of Chardonnay from the Scherrer Vineyard. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed to French oak cooperage, where primary and malolactic fermentation occurred. All of these elements were allowed to integrate during its more than yearlong residence in wood. It was bottled without fining or filtration to respect both its delicacy and its more substantial qualities.

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Winemaker's Notes

Lemon-lime, petrichor, dried-apple and a hint of dried apricot on the nose. Nice, thick entry with substantial texture far beyond its barely 14% alcohol level. There’s surprising acidity right from the start which carries through in a straight-line keeping things refreshing and lively. There’s a nice, umami-savory/brioche note that seeps in gradually as the acidity slowly recedes, kind of like how a camera changes focal planes from foreground to background. Day 2 on an open bottle shows a little more of the brioche notes and maybe a hint of barrel nuance on its very long finish.

Overall, this is quite dynamic and complex which has a lot to do with its extended time in barrel on yeast lees for 24 months. It’s as though no new barrels are needed to support the non-fruit side of things (however there’s still some new oak in there).







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