“Lock Down Nepenthe” Special

“Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe…”  The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

With shelter-in-place orders pretty much universally implemented, things have changed for all of us.  Business wise, our core wholesale customers worldwide (mostly restaurants and small wine shops) are pretty much shut down. We had set aside wines for accounts who no longer have an outlet and can’t meet their commitments.  So, we decided to take these wines that are perfectly ready to drink and make them available to you at a very special price. Hopefully this will help ease the pain of being socially distant from those we enjoy being with.  [If you’re like us with an additional wine drinker (or two) in the household, the empty bottles reproduce quickly.]  Half off and free ground shipping* on 12 or more bottles of these wines to the lower 48 states while this shelter in place is in effect.
These wines offer different uses and should cover pretty much any culinary need during this critical period in our history.  There is no need to cellar them in order to realize their potential, yet they will be in prime shape for years to come.  Just enjoy these in the weeks and possibly months to come and let some of the younger additions to your cellar creep into their adulthood.

So here it is: the Nepenthe of 2020. 50% off regular price with free ground shipping on 12 or more bottles. You can always fill out the case or two or three with our other wines normally available. While those additional wines won’t discount more than the usual rate of 10%, they will ship free with an order of 12 or more bottles. 

We’ve received a tremendous initial response to this offer so processing and shipping times are slower as we try to catch up with order processing. We are prioritizing out-of-state orders to the warmer states first, then east coast and then CA and the west coast. Thank you for the support and the patience!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at (707)823-8980 or email info@scherrerwinery.com.

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