Zinfandoodle, v.4.5

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My Uncle Mario used to tease me about my teenage efforts of making Zinfandel, calling it ‘Zinfandoodle.’ This multi-vintage wine, while nothing to poke fun at, should satisfy most Zinfandel cravings without soaking the wallet enough to dampen one’s sense of humor.

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Winemaker's Notes

This is a new non-vintage Zinfandel bottling from vintages 2004 and 2005 that did not fit perfectly into the ‘Old & Mature Vines’ bottling. We did this in 2005 with ‘leftovers’ from the 2002/2003 vintage when we first introduced Zinfandoodle. I really wanted to call this new release ‘Zindows 4.5’ but did not think Microsoft would find the same humor in it as me (Bill, give a call when you have time). Actually, if you were to blend the OMV and Shale Terrace Zinfandels, you would get something that has both ripe black fruit as well as that stone fruit thing . . . but the textures would clash. Zinfandoodle has these elements, but without the clash. Go figure. Local restaurants were anxious to get this on their lists this spring, so we let them have some early. It is going fast, so we felt we had better offer this here in case that accelerates. Very smooth and inviting, it is terribly underpriced, but what can you do with a non-vintage wine that is not Champagne or Port?






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