Zinfandoodle, v.18.9

$ 24.00

My Uncle Mario used to tease me about my teenage efforts of making Zinfandel, calling it ‘Zinfandoodle.’ This multi-vintage wine, while nothing to poke fun at, should satisfy most Zinfandel cravings without soaking the wallet enough to dampen one’s sense of humor.

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Winemaker's Notes

This Zinfandel blend is made of proportions of our family zin that we had in excess of what is perfect for a given vintage of Old & Mature Vines bottling. I find it a great opportunity to make a delicious wine because it opens up blending options beyond a single vintage, making it easier to get everything ‘just right.’ It is usually from two consecutive vintages of Zinfandel ‘leftovers’ that sometimes benefit from a tiny proportion of Syrah and/or Grenache that we have on hand as well, in this case, 6% Syrah. Black & Red fruited with rooibos tea and sweet red beets. Some savory, toasty, beautiful non-fruit elements as well. It finishes very clean and bright with a long aftertaste of ‘zinberry’ fruit. This is serious Zinfandel in our style, although it does not [need to] reflect a specific vintage.





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