Shale Terrace, 2021

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Within the Scherrer Vineyard there are several different soils. One vineyard site, the “Shale Terrace,” is located on a relatively deep, well-drained, fractured shale subsoil. It yields wines with an uncommon blend of richness and finesse. This wine was bottled without fining or filtration to capture the beauty and personality of this particular vineyard site.

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Winemaker's Notes

This unique portion of our family vineyard is truly remarkable. No other Zinfandel I have ever tasted is like this. As I often say, it’s the Zin that usually dresses up like Pinot Noir and looks really good that way. In a blind tasting in a flight of real Pinot Noirs, it will ultimately reveal that it is different. However, in a flight of Zinfandels it will make people wonder ‘who slipped the Pinot Noir in?’

Planted in the early 1970’s, I’ve been working with this small area since 1996. Over the years, I think I have come to understand it well and have tried to refine my approach to it while allowing vintages to speak. This shows its typical floral/herbal perfume of nectarine pit. At the time of bottling, there is also an intriguing echo of one of the spicy/fruity after-shaves they had at the barber shop when I was a kid, that’s refreshing and complex (since I wasn’t shaved, it was from across the room). There’s a nice lift to the wine as it rolls over the palate. The salivary response is gentle, but certain with rhubarb and beets on the finish. Again, nobody bottles a Zinfandel of this kind that I’m aware of.







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