'Sasha', 2014

$ 46.00

The more feminine of our two regional Syrah bottlings, we have chosen to call this ‘Sasha’. It expresses more of the blueberry/white pepper side of the grape and can be served with foods that suit a larger-framed Pinot Noir. This variety also has a tendency to age well beyond one’s expectations based upon sheer size.

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Winemaker's Notes

We produce this from portions of the Syrah blocks we work with that are prone to softer structure and more red fruits rather than profound structure and dark fruits. Often, these vines can produce great rosé wine when the season gets a later start and/or it is a higher rainfall year. Despite 2014 being a drought-affected vintage which can tend toward more concentration and darker tones, I felt some of the fruit we were farming for rosé might make delicious lighter-bodied red wine. I am delighted with how things worked out. Red fruits, some plum, rooibos tea, sandalwood on the nose, these perfumey/spicy elements are balanced by freshly tilled earth holding up the non-fruit side of the array. No need for any new oak introduction to accomplish this balancing act. On the mouth it is medium bodied (not unlike Shale Terrace Zinfandel) and is smoothly textured yet appropriately structured. It lingers just long enough on the palate with really good continuity and finish. It is like the perfect house guest: fun and interesting but leaves at about the right time. 80 cases produced.





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