Russian River Valley, 2013

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From the cooler parts of the Russian River Valley, this Syrah demonstrates the finer qualities of the Syrah grape. Redolent of black pepper, violets, and a mysterious earthiness, it has sufficient restraint to be fantastic when paired with food — yet it offers surprising depth as well.

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Winemaker's Notes

Slightly more serious and reserved than its predecessor, this is a long-term proposition. Upon opening it is savory, slightly reticent with some cola/sassafras eeking out. Two days after opening it is lanolin and pretty, higher aromatic tones with a touch of red and blue fruits. This portends great things for the longer term. Very Northern Rhone-like, it really needs some more development time in bottle to reach its potential. Or one can open a bottle two days ahead of their plans to consume. Serious Syrah collectors, please take note. Significantly generous rainfall (flooding) in January made Antonio Galloni turn back from our scheduled visit to taste this and other wines for review. Perhaps Bacchus knew this wine was a long-term proposition already and commanded the Heavens to prevent premature exposure…or maybe it was really just time for a lot of winter rain. It will be a couple years before this is released to the trade. If you want to study it ahead of that while it is available for that, this is a good time to make that bid.





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