Cabernet Sauvignon
Alexander Valley, 2017

$ 55.00

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is typically one of the softer, rounder manifestations of the varietal. This is the more open-structured of our two Cabernet bottlings, which reveals its accessible, yet substantial and age-worthy personality. Rich, plummy, lightly herbal, and toasty, with mild cassis character, this unfined, unfiltered wine will complement a wide variety of foods for many years.

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Winemaker's Notes

From a part of the family vineyard that speaks more of the region than the specific site, it possesses more red fruits and relies more on acidity than tannin compared to the vineyard designate. While contiguously planted, the soil and rootstock changes which affects the fruit character immensely. We put in a rootstock trial when this part of the vineyard was planted nearly 30 years ago and I was stunned at the huge flavor differences that simple rootstock choices made. I’m happy with the choice made at the time to use 140 Ru rootstock in this parcel and believe we better know what to do (as well as what not to do) next time this is planted down the road.

Cassis, red cherry, fresh loam greets the nose. Supple and fairly rich, one gets the sense of a savory/ice cream sundae: Dried red and black cherry, vanilla and caramel hints on the nose, popping with red fruit on entry and rich, full expansiveness as the wine travels over the tongue. Then, at the end, the opening theme of cassis, red cherry and fresh loam close the phrase as though the wine became an orchestral composition.

I think the very warm harvest time temperatures in 2017 accelerated the red-fruit to dark-fruit progression. Those that have preferred the Scherrer Vineyard designate might also consider looking more here than usual.







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