When they were racked once at about 10 months of age, our lighter structured Syrahs generally received a bare minimum of 16 to 18 months barrel time before bottling. As of the 2012 vintage, this racking was eliminated and the wines now receive a minimum of 22 to 34 months in barrel.  Our ‘reductive’ style of winemaking calls for longer time in the barrel for full development — and while having two or even three vintages ‘on the floor’ at once causes cooperage congestion, we think the resulting wines are worth it.

Fred has been working with Syrah since 1992 and has a very definite idea of what he’s looking for.  If Mollydooker is your style, please ignore us.  If you are enjoy Northern Rhones from good vintages you may want to explore what we are doing here.

Russian River Valley