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Dry Rosť (Vin Gris)
We make our Dry Rosé by direct pressing red grapes. What we get is the most delicate expression of the grape. The juice is then fermented in very old barrels. After primary fermentation, malolactic fermentation is discouraged by the addition of a moderate amount of SO2. During the winter, we choose which lots to combine for our Dry Rosé, and ‘rack’ them together in a tank, then returning the wine to the same neutral barrels to further age on their lees (yeast sediment). The additional time in barrel on the yeast lees helps contribute to the complexity and mouthfeel of our Dry Rosé. The wine is then racked off the lees one last time, filtered, and bottled. It is the only wine we routinely filter, to prevent malolactic fermentation from occurring in the bottle.

Dry Rosť
2016 - released Apr 2017

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