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Pinot Noir
Pinot Noirs are typically destemmed, but not crushed; fermented in simple open-top fermenters; and manually punched down. They are barreled very shortly after pressing and allowed to rest on their lees (sediment) for many months before first being racked (transferred from barrel) and blended, typically for 6 to 10 months. Racking of the reds is done principally for the purpose of blending and/or clarification before bottling. This ‘reductive’ style of winemaking calls for longer time in the barrel for full development and while having two or even three vintages ‘on the floor’ at once causes cooperage congestion, it’s worth it.

The Pinot Noirs generally receive 16 to 18 months barrel time before bottling. As yet, none of the reds have been filtered, as this removes desirable colloidal material, essential for the kind of development we desire allowing the wine to achieve its highest long-term potential.

Russian River Valley
2011 - released Nov 2014
2012 - released Oct 2015
2013 - released Oct 2016
Sonoma County
2012 - released Jul 2015
2013 - released Jul 2016
King Family Vineyard - Russian River Valley
2012 - released Mar 2016
Platt Vineyard - Sonoma Coast
2010 - released Jul 2014
2011 - released Mar 2015
2012 - released Mar 2016
'Big Brother' -Sonoma Coast
2010 - released Nov 2013
2011 - released Jul 2015
2012 - released Jul 2016
Hallberg Vineyard - Green Valley
2011 - released Oct 2015
2012 - released Oct 2016

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