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Chardonnay is whole-cluster pressed (as with sparkling wine) and for the Alexander Valley fruit from my father’s vineyard, stopped at very low juice yields, giving more fine elements. With my two manually operated ‘bladder presses’ (please forgive the connotation) this requires hours of valve turning, button pushing, lever turning and scurrying about reminiscent of Dorothy and her associates’ first meeting with the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. This is important to making high quality Chardonnay (the taking of only the first and finest juice as opposed to the scurrying), and especially critical for grapes from the less cool areas like Alexander Valley. 100% barrel fermentation and malolactic fermentation, nearly 12-month barrel aging, and unfiltered bottling are typical for us.

Our young Scherrer Vineyard Chardonnays seem to have a signature lime note. It is starfruit for the Helfers. Interestingly, these kinds of youthful notes are preserved well with longer barrel time, while the bubble-gum ‘baby-fat’ is not.

Scherrer Vineyard - Alexander Valley
2013 - released Jul 2015
2014 - released Jul 2016
Helfer Vineyard - Russian River Valley
2012 - released Nov 2014
2013 - released Oct 2015
2014 - released Oct 2016

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