Futures, Zin Sampler, 2018

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Zinfandel Futures are offered for a limited time every July and August. This is an opportunity to pre-order a case at a discount before the wine is bottled and released March of next year. This model helped us finance the winery in the early days creating much needed cash flow. We’ve continued the tradition as a thank you to all of our direct customers that continue to make it possible to do what we love.

Futures offering expires August 31.



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Winemaker's Notes

Last year we were able to show how well Zinfandel does in a warm, lusty vintage. This year we get to show how well it does in a more elegant, acidity-driven vintage. Overall, 2018 promises to give gorgeous wines with tremendous nerve and verve in a really sleek package. It’s quite exciting. Stay tuned for the other 2018 releases as they come out in the years to come.

2018 Scherrer Vineyard ‘Old & Mature Vines’ Zinfandel Futures

This vintage epitomizes what is unique about our family’s site and our winery style. It is a mélange of colors of fruit: red, blue and some black. There are balancing non-fruit elements like freshly tilled loam and subtle barrel grain notes in a medium-bodied, acidity driven structure. Even at this very early stage there is great continuity coupled with surprising length of finish.

Tannins are cloaked in the rounder parts of this wine, which is saying a lot because it is not at all an overripe-sappy-sweet-soda-pop construction at all! During the latter part of vinification where the fermented stuff is still stewing on skins awaiting a pressing decision, the angles due to tannins seemed VERY firm. They are still there, but my how they have integrated into the fabric of the wine, creating a gently firm kernel of structure anchoring the flavors: All the range of red, blue and black fruits. It carries through like a well-pitched curling stone on really perfect ice. About 820 cases will be produced. Estimated release price: $40 per bottle.

2018 Scherrer Vineyard ‘Shale Terrace’ Zinfandel Futures

More pomegranate and red fruits [with a streak of blackberry or is it black raspberry?] this year while the typical signature stone-fruit is taking more of a back seat. It’s like plate tectonics have displaced this Alexander Valley bench to Chambolle, Burgundy. It absolutely floats on its structure like Pinot Noir is supposed to do at its best. Judi: “It’s like the ‘Little Sister’ of Zinfandel!” Fred: “It’s my favorite Shale Terrace Zinfandel yet.”

While it is a very small portion of the Scherrer Vineyard and has traditionally sold out on the futures offering, there was a somewhat more generous crop in 2018 allowing for slightly better availability. Just don’t get used to it. The 2019 crop doesn’t appear as generous.

Those that have purchased Shale Terrace in the past (even just a bottle) are given a “First Crack” opportunity to purchase futures and any orders received by July 28 will be processed first in the order they are received. Those that haven’t purchased Shale Terrace yet and would like to can make a “Wish List” order. All “Wish List” orders are processed in the order they were received after the “First Crack” July 28 deadline as supplies allow. If you have bought Shale from us before, we have your purchase history on file and will make sure you are put on the correct list.

Like last year, we will not offer everything on futures, reserving a small portion to be available for retail on release. We are working hard to find a balance for those of you that have loved Shale and those of you that have longed for the chance to have that same opportunity. About 160 cases to be produced Release price $40 /bottle.






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